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A deed transfers or conveys ownership of a piece of property from one party to another. If it is not properly worded under the laws of Maryland, it may not accomplish exactly what you want it to. Let Atkinson Law consult with you and prepare the deed correctly for filing. Don’t leave anything to chance.

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Yollette Atkinson

Attorney at Law

With more than 15 years of experience in estate planning and administration, I am familiar with all the legal requirements of trusts and deeds, so that your property can transfer to your heirs without the hassle of going through probate court.

If you decide to transfer your property into a trust to avoid probate, you will also need to execute a new deed to signify the transfer of ownership. Your heirs will then inherit your basis in the property, that is, the amount that you paid for it.

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Lesley Atkinson

Attorney at Law

I also am an attorney with more than 15 years of experience in helping clients in Maryland in estate planning and administration. I have represented hundreds of clients in the issues facing them, including executing essential legal documents.

A deed granting the transfer of your property to your heirs can help them avoid not only probate but also a lot of capital gains taxes that might otherwise accrue. At Atkinson Law, we stand ready to help you ensure your estate transfers cleanly.

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A new deed, which transfers or conveys your property to someone else, must contain
certain legal clauses to make it valid. It’s not a “DIY” project. Relying on an attorney
experienced in creating ironclad deeds can give you peace of mind going forward.

The Deed Process Explained

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    You Decide to Sell or Transfer the Property

    You must execute a new deed naming yourself and the name or names of the recipients, along with a description of the property, and file it with the county’s Department of Land Records.

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    You Must State the Consideration

    In a deed, consideration refers to the purchase price. If you’re merely transferring the property to heirs or adding their names to the deed, you must state that there is no consideration.

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    You Must Clarify the Type of Transfer

    The “to have and to hold” clause, legally known as the “habendum” clause, is essential to clarify the type of ownership being conveyed. Having it done incorrectly can result in future problems.

Let Us Help You Handle Your Deed Correctly

The Atkinson Law Difference

Plain Language Explanations

We won’t drown you in legal terms that are unfamiliar to you. We will explain everything to you using plain language that you can understand and base your decisions upon.

We Put Family First

We understand our clients’ priorities, which is to take care of their loved ones, so we always keep that consideration in mind. We value what you value in life.

Personalized Attention

When you come to us, we don’t just hand your problems over to staff, but our attorneys will provide personalized attention. You won’t just be another number to us.

Rely on Atkinson Law to Draft Your Deed

Creating a deed that can withstand the test of time and meet legal standards requires more than just downloading a form and filling in the blanks. You need the services of attorneys knowledgeable and experienced in the deed process to ensure that the document will accomplish exactly what you need. Let us help.