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There's no question about it.  Divorce hurts.  It breaks up families.  It affects relationships.  It brings out the worst in people.  Divorce is a family matter that should be handled with care.  At Atkinson Law, we treat divorce like the serious family matter it is.  We handle divorce cases with empathy and compassion.   

Our professional team knows Maryland divorce law and the alternatives to litigation.  We have handled thousands of divorce cases in the last 15 years.  Each one is personal, individual and uprooting.  Each one affects a family.  If that family is yours, you'll want an experienced divorce lawyer who makes it personal.  We don't use a cookie-cutter approach.  We take the time to understand your family dynamics and your personal situation, then work with you to get the very best settlement possible. 

We know this is an extremely stressful time for families.  The decisions you make now regarding finances, child support and possessions will determine the direction of the rest of your life.  Making these important decisions during such an emotional time not only adds to the stress of divorce, but it also impacts your family's entire future.  Don't go it alone.  Atkinson Law can help.  We can explain the process so you understand your options and your rights.  We can make it easier for you, offer professional advice toward a good outcome and negotiate skillfully for you.  We are knowledgeable in Maryland divorce laws and mediation opportunities.  We are up-to-date on tax laws that may come into play with the divorce settlement, and we are on top of any changes in the laws surrounding divorce in Maryland and custody agreements in Maryland. 

We are family.  You can count on Atkinson Law to offer a family-centered approach to a very difficult family matter.  We are objective and honest with you about what to expect every step of the way.  We are respectful even in the face of heated negotiations.  We strive for amicable solutions wherever possible, but we don't hesitate to fight for your rights. 

We've seen amicable divorces and we've seen messy divorces.  They all hurt.  Divorce is a family matter that matters to us.   Atkinson Law.  We are family.

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