Are You a Veteran Accused of Drug Crimes, Looking For An Advocate in Maryland?

For the heroes who've served us, Atkinson Law serves you in your hour of need.

Life after service isn't always a smooth transition. Those who especially experience combat return home shattered, broken, and addicted. As the nation's bravest men and women, you can find yourselves in situations you've never imagined, such as facing drug crime allegations.

In times when all you need is comfort, you may be destined for homelessness or prison. So, who does a veteran turn to in such dire needs? A good CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER IN MARYLAND.

At Atkinson Law, we're not just a typical legal firm; we're your advocates, especially when things get tough. Veterans, the heroes who've given their all for our country, might sometimes get on the wrong side of the law, but we believe in second chances.

How Are Veterans Vulnerable to Drug Crimes?

Substance abuse among veterans can often result from underlying issues. Some of the significant stressors include PTSD and mental health issues. Combat and non-combat traumatic experiences can lead to mental health problems, and veterans often turn to drugs as a coping mechanism, leading to addiction.

Transitioning back to civilian life can also be overwhelming. With a lack of adequate support systems, some veterans may find solace in drug use when facing difficulty in reintegration.

In addition, traumatic injuries sustained during service can lead to chronic pain. Prescription drugs can help with pain management, but those can quickly become a gateway to illegal drug use. This is especially true when veterans become dependent.

The Right Approaches

Maryland recognizes the unique challenges faced by veterans. The state has been proactive in aiming not just for punishment but also rehabilitation. Here are some tailored approaches Maryland integrates into the legal system:

  • Veterans Treatment Courts

    Rather than simply meting out punishment, these specialized courts focus on rehabilitation. They provide treatment options for veterans involved in drug offenses, addressing the underlying problems.  Unfortunately, not every jurisdiction in Maryland funds a Veteran’s treatment Court.

  • Specialized Programs:

    The state encourages seeking therapy, counseling, and peer support designed specifically for veterans. These can address PTSD, addiction, and other related challenges, walking you toward a drug-free life.

  • Legal Help

    Understanding the unique challenges veterans face, certain law firms in Maryland, including Atkinson Law, we make it a priority in defending veterans. We can help veterans navigate rehabilitation programs and argue for lenient penalties, highlighting the factors that led to the offense.

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Veterans Deserve Special Consideration

You've served our country and shown unparalleled bravery, so we salute you. But even heroes need a hand sometimes.

Navigating the complex rules and regulations encompassing drug crimes in Maryland isn't easy. One of our veteran clients struggled with PTSD and turned to prescription painkillers for relief. When their prescription ended, they sought opioids illegally, acted out against their partner, and were eventually arrested. With the help of Atkinson Law, who highlighted their PTSD challenges, they were directed to resources that were available through the Veterans Administration Hospital including mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment. Instead of jail, they received specialized rehabilitation, and they now aid other veterans in adjusting to post-service life.

The challenges you face, the sacrifices you may have made, and the traumas you've encountered are unlike any other. Veterans are unique. That's why it's crucial to have an attorney who understands the intricacies of veteran-specific situations and can offer specialized representation regarding drug-related offenses.

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Veterans involved in drug crimes aren't a one-dimensional matter. It combines societal, mental, and physical factors, culminating in a big legal battle.

Allow us to address the issue and get you the support and representation you deserve. The seasoned lawyers at Atkinson Law dedicatedly help veterans navigate the charges, offering decades of expertise and success in the courtroom. 

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