Family Law at Atkinson Law: Family Matters. We Are Family.

If you ever have family matters that you are unable to solve without help, contact Atkinson Law. To us, family matters.

If your family experiences a crisis that results in separation or divorce, you'll need legal counsel that understands family dynamics. You'll need lawyers who know the laws in Maryland. You'll also need lawyers who are compassionate and empathize with you at this difficult time. Atkinson Law is that legal counsel.

Experienced in Family Law, Atkinson Law handles prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, child custody, alimony, and child support agreements. We have been providing family law services to the Baltimore County suburbs for over 15 years. To us, your family matters.

Prenuptial Agreements – Of course, no happily engaged couple wants to think about what would happen if the marriage doesn't work out. They don't want to “jinx” their wedding. This is fine if you're 20 years old and just moving off of your mother's basement couch. If you have investments, savings, cars, boats, homes, or any income, they need to be protected. You may never use the prenuptial agreement, but you'll rest easier knowing you have secured your assets. Call Atkinson Law today to learn more.

Separation Agreements – Despite the fact that the divorce rate has actually declined over the last decade, some 40 percent of marriages still end in divorce. It's a complicated statistic, but it hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. What matters is what's happening in your family. If your family is having a rough go of it and you've made the decision to make some changes, Atkinson Law can help, beginning with a separation agreement. We know that this is a painful process for everyone. While our hearts break for families, we try to make the process as easy as possible. We handle delicate issues professionally and efficiently. We help you to understand what is needed for you and other members of your family. It matters to us.

Child Custody Cases – One of the most difficult areas of Family Law, child custody cases need to be handled swiftly but with compassion. We believe in the utmost care in all cases, but especially those that involve children. Not only do we keep the child's best interest in mind, but we also try to make it equitable for all parties. We know the ins and outs of custody regulations and we know how to negotiate a fair and clear agreement. Part of our service is to refer you to the best resources for family and children's services in Harford, Cecil, or Baltimore Counties.

Alimony and Child Support – If you're experiencing a divorce, we can help negotiate the alimony and child support. We will also follow the case to ensure compliance. We'll assess your needs together and agree on an amount that makes sense for you. We'll negotiate with the opposing lawyers and create a contract that will be simple and straightforward, leaving little room for interpretation. You can count on receiving an amount amenable to you.

Contact Atkinson Law today to help with your family matters. To us, family matters.