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The men and women who put on our country’s uniform sacrifice for all of us. Looking back on 9/11, we’ve had friends directly impacted by the attack, not so much in the traditional sense of being a victim of ground zero when the attacks came, but through an affliction with cancer directly traceable to exposure received while part of a search and recovery team in the NYPD police academy.

Sadly, our society often fails to support those with military, first responder, and law enforcement backgrounds. Soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse issues, psychological problems, and other debilitating injuries aren’t being given the care they deserve. Some veterans returning from combat end up being homeless because we’re not providing them with the tools they need to reintegrate into society. When these and other issues get our veterans into legal trouble, we oftentimes treat them the same as any other criminal by sending them to jail – basically victimizing the victims instead of examining the mental, physical, and psychological trauma they have experienced.

We Help Veterans Navigate the Legal System

At Atkinson Law, we have the mechanisms in place to help veterans, law enforcement personnel, first responders, and others struggling with legal issues arising from past or current trauma. Some of the issues that our firm helps with include:

  • Criminal Defense

  • Drug Crimes

  • Substance Abuse & Addiction

  • DUI Defense

  • Domestic Violence

  • Personal Injury

  • Estate Planning

  • And more

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Maryland Veterans Treatment Court

Maryland’s Veterans Treatment Court, a program supported by a grant from the Maryland Judiciary’s Office of Problem-Solving Courts and other donors including the United Way of Central Maryland, focuses on helping veterans with misdemeanor or felony offenses who have documented substance abuse or mental health issues.

The court provides 12-month supervised, voluntary, comprehensive, and sanction-based treatment programs for veterans to help them become self-sufficient, avoid jail time, and escape a criminal record that could bar them from obtaining housing and employment. Participants work with mentors (also veterans) who provide support and guidance regarding family, health, employment, legal, financial, counseling, and other services to get their lives back on track.

Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions in Maryland have Veterans Treatment Courts.  For instance, Baltimore County and Harford County are woefully deficient in providing services for our Veterans caught in a legal spider web. 

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