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3 Divorce Trends We Expect to See Throughout the Remainder of 2022

Atkinson Law June 22, 2022

For many couples, the last two years have not been the easiest time to be in a committed relationship. Starting with the lockdown in 2020, individuals having difficulties in their relationship have had to face that fact more directly than ever. However, things have changed a lot since the peak of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. In this newsletter, we cover the challenges that many couples are facing throughout the divorce process in 2022.

Gray Divorces Have Increased in Frequency

Historically, couples under the age of 30 have been most likely to realize they may have mistakenly taken the plunge a bit too soon. However, we’ve noticed more and more divorces among older couples throughout 2022. This trend can’t be attributed to one specific factor, but rather a variety of conditions, including:

  • Empty nest syndrome during and after the shutdown

  • Retirement plans going south

  • Growing apart after extended downtime together

Money Related Difficulties

It’s no secret that the pandemic has introduced economic difficulties for couples throughout the United States. While many couples had expected to kick the decade off in a financially secure state, many discovered that their reserves were not up to the challenge of loss of employment and increased inflation. In many cases, increased friction from financial struggles has driven many couples to begin the divorce process, and has also affected many recently divorce couples. As the year goes on, we expect to work with more clients seeking to legally alter their monthly payments to a rate they can more reasonably afford amid the current economic conditions. 

Custody Disputes

As we alluded to earlier, divorces are typically most common among younger couples. That means that child custody is naturally a heavily discussed topic in their divorce proceedings. In 2022, that has introduced new and unique challenges. Workplace dynamics have changed immensely over the last two years, empowering many employees to fulfill their job requirements when working from home. As such, many individuals have found themselves seeking a change of scenery after their separation. As remote working continues to be part of our lives, it could lead to custody disputes once parents begin relocating out of the area.

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