Happy New Year! 5 Benefits of Being Proactive with Estate Planning

Happy New Year from Atkinson Law! We want to express gratitude to all of our clients and partners throughout 2020. It wasn't always the most comfortable year for everyone, but we owe the success of 2020 and many years to come to you. We can't wait to see what's in store for 2021! As we kick off this new year, we'd like to discuss the importance of making sure estate planning is on your 2021 to-do list.

Increased peace of mind. This is one of the largest benefits of being proactive with estate planning. Rather than leaving the handling of your assets to chance, you can have direct control over its distribution to ensure your wishes are met down the road.

Prevent disputes. Without a clear estate plan, messy legal battles can sometimes arise. Luckily, creating a clear estate plan will ensure all of your assets go to the proper beneficiaries, making it much easier to avoid misunderstandings or difficult judgment calls.

Minimize future tax obligations. Choose legal professionals to help you develop your estate plan. They can ensure your assets are set to be distributed in such a way that creates minimal tax obligation for any beneficiaries you choose to name. It is much easier to achieve this when you plan ahead and take care of estate planning before it's too late.

Support Your Favorite Causes. Creating an estate plan gives us a unique opportunity to support the causes closest to our hearts down the road. If you are passionate about a charitable organization or specific cause, you can always consider supporting them in your estate plan.

Providing for loved ones. Estate planning is more about dividing up your money and other assets. You'll also be able to make sure that you receive precisely the medical care you want, your loved ones are provided for, and that your memorial is planned exactly as you'd like it.

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