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Make Estate Planning Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Every New Year, many of us make resolutions to get in shape, try something new, or make more money. These are great goals to have, but we often overlook a critical aspect of personal and financial health in the process.

Estate planning is a critical task to complete, but few people want to sit down and think about post-mortality plans. Some even believe that doing so manifests bad luck. At Atkinson Law, we call this the “dread of dead.” While it’s true that estate planning requires you to think about death, it can also be life-affirming. Protecting your family's future and making a plan for your assets brings great relief. At times, thinking about mortality allows us to be grateful for the time we have. When you partner with a trusted estate attorney, they’ll also put you at ease and discuss the topic with care.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s this: making a plan has more positive consequences than not making one. In light of that, how can you begin the estate planning process in 2023?

How to Make Estate Planning Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Confront the Fear of Estate Planning

If you want to make an estate plan this year, the first thing to do is confront the stigma surrounding it. Are you ready to think seriously about what will happen to your assets after death? You’ll also have to consider beneficiaries and options like trusts and power of attorney documents.

Estate planning can be uncomfortable at first, but eventually, the fear subsides. Once your estate plan is established, you’ll be glad you completed the process. One of the great things about estate planning is that it gives you a choice.

Make a List of Any Questions You Have

Jot down any concerns or questions you have for your attorney. Here are some examples of questions our clients typically have:

  • What happens if I die without an estate plan?

  • What is probate?

  • What are the benefits of a will vs. a trust or a power of attorney? Do I need all of these documents?

  • What belongings can’t be included?

  • Will the assets I leave behind be taxed?

  • Can pets be included in estate plans?

  • How can I give my assets to a charitable organization?

  • Do estate planning documents ever expire?

  • Some of my family members don’t get along. What happens if they dispute my estate plan?

Many people picture writing down their final wishes on a scrap of paper and calling it a will. In actuality, the process is much more complex, and there’s probably a lot you don’t know. It's important not to overlook important details when it comes to your family's future. Ensure that you get your questions answered to make your estate plan as strong as possible.

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

Suppose you've given estate planning plenty of thought and want to include it in your New Year's resolutions. You’re ready to contact an attorney, but you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’ve worked with a legal expert in the past, but they don’t have any experience with estate planning. It’s highly important to choose an attorney that is knowledgeable about the process. Otherwise, you may be putting your assets (and your loved ones) at risk.

At Atkinson Law, we’ve been helping clients with wills, trusts and other estate planning needs for over 15 years. We’re informed, experienced, and equipped to assist you with this crucial process. More than anything, however, we care about our clients and want them to feel confident in their future. Our family and estate planning services are a great way to ensure your family is well taken care of if you pass away.

Are You Ready to Focus on Estate Planning in 2023? At Atkinson Law, We’ll Take Care of You Like Family

At Atkinson Law, we listen to all our clients and protect their interests so they can receive a positive legal outcome.  We’ll work with you and give you the best possible recommendation for your future. To learn more about estate planning, contact us today by calling (410) 882-9595 or visiting our website.