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The Aftermath of a Drug Possession Charge in Maryland

Atkinson Lawyers April 14, 2022

It goes without saying that an incident involving drug possession could come with both short-term and long-term consequences. As such, it’s only natural to feel anxiety in the immediate aftermath of a drug possession arrest. In the interest of securing the brightest outcome for your future, we’ve prepared this blog to outline what you can expect after being arrested for this serious crime.

Preparing for Court

After an arrest for drug possession, it’s never too early to begin planning for your court date. To ensure you are leaving no stone unturned throughout the preparation process, be sure to contact an attorney with experience handling drug related cases similar to your own.

In the past, we have advised clients to attend counseling or rehabilitation programs prior to their court date, as they are likely to be required if convicted anyway. Critically, this level of initiative could also afford you leverage in a situation where your future could be impacted. A drug related charge is a serious offense, and seeking treatment early on in the process is a great way to clearly convey you understand the gravity of the situation.

Simultaneously, your attorney will be working to uncover any details or evidence which could be favorable to your defense in court. Typically, the scope of the evidence observed includes statements made by witnesses, police reports, and lab analysis. From these sources, we can deduce whether any events took place which could be used to your advantage in court, including:

  • An illegal search and seizure

  • Possession of an illegal substance without your knowledge

Preparing for the Outcome

In addition to preparing you for your court date and representing you in court, we will also prepare you for the potential outcomes of your case. In addition to a potential fine from the state of Maryland, a conviction will likely lead to a period of probation with jailtime as the next punishable offense, at minimum. Failing to comply with treatment, screenings, and any additional terms for your probation could lead to time in jail.

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