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The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction: Violation of Probation After a DUI

Alcohol addiction is a problem across all age groups and demographics in the United States. Every month, approximately 60 million Americans aged 12 and older report binge drinking at least once, including 23.5% of men in the age group and 19.5% of women in the age group. One of the many dangers of alcohol addiction is receiving a DUI. Unfortunately, because alcohol addiction is a very real disease, violation of probation after a DUI sometimes occurs.


Probation After a DUI


As part of probation, you are expected to follow all laws, and drunk driving is an obvious violation of that standard. If you are charged with a DUI while already on probation, you will be found in violation of probation. What happens next will depend on a variety of factors, including whether or not you are working with an attorney and your criminal history. You may be arrested and held in jail, or allowed to post bond and wait for your hearing.


In some cases, a judge will wait to see whether or not you are convicted of a DUI or charged. Providing that your charge is dismissed, goes to trial and you are acquitted, or is resolved with a diversion program, you can typically have your violation of probation withdrawn by the state. Because the standard of proof in Violation of Probation proceeding lower than that of a conviction, you may not be “out of the woods” and will need a skilled attorney to advise you.


Alcohol addiction is a serious disease, and working with an attorney who understands the severity of both alcoholism and violation of probation is essential to avoid unnecessarily harsh punishment.


The Devastation of Addiction


Violation of probation is just one potential consequence of alcohol addiction. In many cases, repeated issues with drunk driving and intoxication demonstrate that there is an underlying addiction problem, not merely an issue of judgment. Beyond the court-mandated treatments, many individuals can benefit from more intensive treatment, including intervention or rehab.


Some of the signs that you or your loved one may be dealing with alcohol addiction and in need of serious care include:

·       Using alcohol in a manner that is dangerous to yourself or someone else (driving under the influence, blacking out, etc.)

  • Alcohol has led to relationship problems with loved ones or friends

  • Work, school, or home responsibilities are neglected

  • Withdrawal symptoms are present when trying to stop drinking or drink less

  • You need to use a larger amount of alcohol or stronger alcohol to feel intoxicated

  • You’ve tried to quit or limit drinking and failed

  • You spend a long-time consuming alcohol every day (or most days)

  • Other health problems, like liver damage or depression

  • Skipping or missing activities or fun things in favor of drinking

Additionally, those with alcohol use disorder can experience serious withdrawal symptoms by trying to quit on their own. A supervised medical detox is critical to protect your health and avoid additional problems. Quitting alcohol ‘cold turkey’ when you have a dependency can lead to seizures and death without help.


Is There Hope?


Absolutely. If you have been charged with violation of probation after a DUI and are dealing with alcoholism, you deserve help. An attorney can advocate on your behalf and make sure that you are not just doing things to make your DUI right—you are also receiving the medical care that you need to heal and change your life forever. 


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